Delta Airlines: Crew App

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Ease the digital burden of multiple apps that manage passengers boarding, food preferences, times, destination information, customer service needs and more.

Delta Airlines

How might we design a consolidated digital solution tailored for Delta Crew members, harmonizing diverse functionalities from multiple apps into a singular, intuitive interface to optimize workflow efficiency and enhance user experience?

Delta acknowledges the challenge Crew members face in managing multiple digital tools. Our aim is to streamline their experience by consolidating functionalities into a single, intuitive platform. This unified approach enhances efficiency, allowing Crew members to focus on delivering exceptional service. Through thoughtful design, we’re committed to elevating the Crew member experience and enhancing the journey for passengers and staff alike.

Contemporary UX strategy and design lowers friction and time to task, saving Delta Crew the precious time they need to contribute to our ultimate goal; enhancing the passenger experience.

Our primary outcome was that Air Crew members would now be able to provide a better flight for passengers by being highly informed beforehand of their needs and preferences.

Informed by Digital Brand Guide

Upon commencing the project we were provided a glimpse at another concept for the Delta Crew using an iPad. Informed with this new UI we adopted it when privding visual designs for the Delta Crew App.

"All the little details are fantastic and really well thought out"

"All the little details are fantastic and really well thought out"

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