Gotengo: Ecommerce AI

AI-Powered Technology Enables A Hyper-Personalized Gotengo Online Experience

Imagine an app that not only suggests what to wear but also recommends items tailored to your size or ethical principles. Introducing Gotengo, an AI-driven E-commerce platform at the forefront of machine learning technology. It personalizes your shopping experience based on your fit or ethical principles, ensuring a perfect match for you.

Gotengo, What If Machines

Helping to drive a need in people for curated, personalized experiences that are informed and supported by technology.

Gotengo, a Toronto-based online menswear retailer, developed a proprietary AI-driven platform that  offers shoppers the ability to hyper-personalize their shopping experience and makes shopping for apparel online easier and more convenient.


Personalization and Customization

The technology, developed in collaboration with startup incubators MaRS and RU Fashion Zone, leverages a variety of deep learning and human intelligence to inform the AI, rating and ranking items on the website specific to the preferences of each user.
Shop by Occasion

Shopping by occasion was a comfortable way for shoppers to confidently make the right style choices.

Shopping by occasion can alleviate the stress and uncertainty associated with selecting appropriate attire, especially for events with specific dress codes or social norms. By offering a curated selection of outfits tailored to different occasions, retailers can empower shoppers to make informed choices that reflect their style while also adhering to the requirements of the event.

AI tailors options that match your body type and style preferences

AI tailors options that match your body type and style preferences

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